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“In her eye-opening and humorous collection of essays, Julie Klam explores the fascination with the rich and powerful, while also breaking down the challenges tied to fame and why all this actually matters.”—Us Weekly


“This funny, eye-opening look into our celebrity obsession will have you talking all summer about the stars and what our favorite famous people really say about us.”—PopSugar


“A book for the celeb addicts! We’re talking the entire spectrum—from the A-list to reality stars down to ridiculously niche YouTubers and Instagram anthropological study of our modern-day culture — W Magazine

“Have you ever liked a Kardashian’s photo on Instagram? Or at least been intrigued by a Kardashian’s photo (but too embarrassed to like it)? In this funny and eye-opening new pop psychology book, Klam explores the ins and outs of our obsession with celebrities, including what it means to be famous in the Instagram age, what bargains celebs make to maintain their fame and what happens when child stars grow up and want to become normal.” —PURE WOW

“With insightful research that speaks to Klam’s personal interests, and lots of long quotes from Klam’s many interviewees, this will find its most enthusiastic readership among lovers of memoir and books about Hollywood.”—Booklist


“Amusing, sweet… Klam has great verve for her subject… Breezy… A fun indulgence.”—Library Journal


“I really love Julie Klam’s smart and neurotic mind. In this book, she makes our celebrity obsession important and resonant.” –Jon Ronson, author of the New York Times–bestselling The Psychopath Test


“Julie Klam examines the reasons for our preoccupation with the world of fame and the celebration of it. . . . I loved this book, and kept sneaking away to read it.” —Carly SimonNew York Times–bestselling author of Boys in the Trees: A Memoir



“What’s it really like to be famous, to have paparazzi waiting in the bushes outside your Malibu cottage? It happened to me once and nearly killed me. Julie Klam tells the real story behind celebrities once and for all.” —Erica Jong, bestselling author of Fear of Flying


“Julie Klam brings out a parade of the “famous" and makes us look at the phenomenon of how and why these people sometimes occupy such a fixed and outsized place inside our brains. The Stars in Our Eyes is insightful, funny, and a total pleasure.” —Meg WolitzerNew York Times–bestselling author of The Interestings

“Perspicacious and generous of spirit, The Stars in Our Eyes is solid fun from beginning to end.” —Maria SempleNew York Times–bestselling author of Today Will Be Different


“A celebrity book for grownups . . . Julie Klam—part memoirist, part social anthropologist, and part oral historian—manages to be both a fan and a critic alike.” —Meghan Daum, author of The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion

“Julie Klam proves a funny, affable guide through our baffling obsession with celebrity.” —Jennifer Keishin ArmstrongNew York Times–bestselling author of Seinfeldia